Secondary glazing on casement windows Curved windows with bespoke secondary glazing panels

Secondary Glazing

Not every home is suited for double glazing. If you live in an older property or a house within a conservation area where installing modern uPVC or aluminium double glazed windows isn’t possible secondary glazing could be the solution.


Secondary glazing involves adding a slim-line window frame that fits over your existing windows. Secondary glazing provides all the benefits of double glazing – reduced heat loss, improved sound insulation, better protection against draughts and cold spots – without the need to replace your existing windows. This is good if you want a warmer home but aren’t permitted, or can’t afford, to upgrade your current windows to modern uPVC or aluminium ones. It’s also a practical solution if you live in a noisy area where you need extra sound insulation.


Our secondary glazing is available as fixed panes and lift out windows as well as horizontal and vertical sliding windows, all available in a wide range of colours. Our vertical sliding secondary glazing comes with spring balances for an easy controlled operation and a tilt in facility for easy cleaning.


Secondary glazing doesn’t change a building’s original features and can be removed later if needed. As such it’s usually accepted in heritage properties where maintaining original aesthetics is crucial. The wide range of specialist glass now available means that we can offer exceptional sound reduction or thermal enhancements to your existing windows.


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