Roof Lanterns


Roof lanterns are designed to transform any flat roof into a stunning architectural feature that will add style and value to your home. Glass roofs from Clearway are versatile in design, perfect for an extension or orangery. They are also a great alternative to a traditional conservatory roof.

Our glazed roofs are made from aluminium. Rafters are internally reinforced for slimmer sightlines and a strong structure that can withstand heavy weather conditions.

The roof frame is 30% slimmer than other glass roofs on the market, at only 40mm wide. Opening roof windows and vents are also available with manual or electronic opening to let more light and air into the room.


Our aluminium roof lanterns achieve the highest performance levels for strength, energy efficiency and weather tightness.

Clearway roof lanterns are designed to the highest energy saving standards, meeting incredibly low U-values. By choosing the best quality glazing options, your glass roof can match the thermal efficiency of a brick wall.

Your home will stay at a comfortable temperature all year round, whatever the weather. Our glass roofs also withstand 33% greater wind and snow loads than competitors’, making it a safer and more secure option for your home. They also offer fantastic noise insulation.

Glazing options

Aluminium roof frames can support larger areas of glazing, with slimmer frames. And with more glass, you will get a clearer, unimpeded view of the sky.

Our roof windows come double glazed as standard, but are strong enough for triple glazed panes. We use easy-clean glass as standard in every lantern roof, which stays cleaner than normal glass for longer.

You also have the choice of low-emissivity glass for reduced heat loss in the colder months. Solar control glass is also available in blue or bronze tint, for better temperature control and reduced glare.

Colour options

Aluminium roof rafters and main beam are available in every imaginable colour, including dual colouring for a different coloured interior and exterior.

Although we would strongly recommend aluminium for its strength and durability, uPVC rafter caps are also available in white and dark woodgrain finishes.


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Do you have a more traditional property? Our vertical sliding sash windows are for you.

Energy Efficiency

With energy prices constantly on the rise, taking steps to improve the energy efficiency of your home will lower how much you spend on heating it.

Upgrading single glazed windows, or replacing your existing double glazing, with energy rated uPVC and aluminium windows can help improve the energy efficiency of your home and save you money on your energy bills.

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