Supply Chain

Clearway Doors aand Windows

The construction industry along with many others is continuing to experience challenging supply issues. Here at Clearway we are doing all that we can to minimise the impact of this however despite our strong relationship with all of our suppliers we are having to extend lead times on certain products.

The main reason for the delays in supply are a global shortage of a product called polyamide which is used to make the thermal break strip present in most aluminium window and door profiles. When this is coupled with very high demand delays are inevitable. While stocks are slowly recovering the supply chain is not smooth meaning that suppliers may run out of certain profiles from time to time. We are liaising daily with the various system companies with whom we trade and as we move forward into 2022 the situation looks as though it will improve.

Glass has also been in short supply for months but we are seeing a gradual improvement which we hope will continue. Other products that we use for your installation can also be delayed.

What does this mean for you, our customer? Occasionally we may have to delay an installation or the supply of a product. This is always a last resort and we will do our utmost to keep you informed. If you have any questions please do contact us on 01242 513322 and we thank you all for your patience.