Jeremy & Angela Phillips (MD & FD) attended the inaugural Glass & Glazing Federation (GGF) Winter Conference on 8th November. Clearway is a keen and active member of the GGF and both agreed that the conference was a roaring success. The opportunity for all the various groups with in the GGF to meet up and exchange news and views of the industry was a first.

Clearway are members of the Aluminium and Window and Doors Groups which help us to keep up to date with current and future regulations and changes to the industry as well as being able to assist in government lobbying. Items at the top of the agenda at the conference were the proposed changes to the building regulations, the economic climate and health and safety with a special focus on mental health. It can be difficult to find the time to attend such gatherings when running a busy business, but the effort always pays off. As well as exchange of information the chance to network with friends and new acquaintances from the industry is always welcome.